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Tủ sấy công nghiệp Yamato
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Yamato Customized Industrial Oven is necessary to be used in production process of different applications including Electronic, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Displays, Battery, Plastic & Rubber, Garment & Textile, Food & Beverage, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Agricultural, Environmental and so on
Depend on your application, we will provide a variety of solutions for different industrial fields.

There are several application of Yamato Customized Industrial Oven following:
- For curing those components of electronic device products like mobile phone, laptop, TV, calculator and so on. 
- For Printed Circuit Board (PCB): there are Inner Roller Coating & Drying, Solder Mask Pre-Bake & Post-Bake for automatic drying, Solder Mask Low-Pressure Spray Coating & Drying, Solder Mask Electrostatic Spray Coating & Drying, Drying after Legend Print, Oxygen-Free Drying, HDI resin Plugging, Drying in Clean Room, Automatic Stripping for dried film.

- For Light Emitting Diode (LED): there are Photoflash, Interior Lighting, Roadway Lighting, even to the UV application. 
There are two automatic drying equipments which is Conveyor Oven and Vertical- type Oven. The Conveyor Oven is used for LED die bond baking and the Vertical-type Oven is used as hot air compact oven for LED bake.

For more information technical support, quotes or customization please contact our company on +84949583232, and Email; tung138@gmail.com

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